• Mimi und Paula - Urlaub mit Hund am Bodensee
  • Hund im Park - Urlaub mit Hund am Bodensee
  • Mops Paula mit Ball - Urlaub mit Hund am Bodensee

Relaxation for you and your pet

Animals in the hotel

You don`t want to go on vacation without your beloved dog? No problem – we warmly welcome them.
Since we have a limited number of rooms for guests with a dog, we kindly ask you to call us to check for availability (T +49 7534 9944 0). We offer rooms of the cagegories Comfort A, Comfort B and the Junior Suite for our guests arriving with their beloved dog. Please note that one dog is permitted per room and that we charge a fee of 15 EUR per day.

The Island Reichenau offers a lot of wonderful places and promenades to go for a walk along the lake side.

Out of consideration for other guests we ask you to pass the following rules to your dog to guarantee a harmonic cooperation:


Animals have to be kept on leash

I know that I am well behaved but please keep me on a leash. Other guests will feel more at ease as a result.

In the hotel room

If I have to stay in the room on my own for some reason please put the sign "Please do not disturb" over the door handle so that neither I nor the staff are startled unnecessarily.


My master has taken out a suitable liability insurance policy so as to cover any damage done to the room on account of me misbehaving. Furthermore, our staff have added € 50.00 to the invoice as a surety - just in case a mishap occurs.


Hooray - I am allowed to come to the restaurant! As I seldom manage to snatch something to eat from under the table, I remain there and do not go to the buffet. I have decided not to bark in order to not disturb guests at the tables nearby.


I am not allowed in here and that is really good. The guests would like to relax and the saunas are far too hot for my paws.


I love water. Towels are available at the reception to rum me down with so nothing gets dirty in the hotel.


For your stay we will charge €15.00 per night

Now there is absolutely nothing to stop you from having a nice holiday!

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