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Petting for your soul

Experience a wonderful sense of well-being, triggered by a deep-acting massage. All our classic massages are applied according to your individual body sensation. Through targeted kneading of the muscles, tensions and hardening are loosened gently, the blood circulation is promoted and the metabolism is improved. Finally, you feel a sense of relaxation that makes you forget everyday life...
Discover our Far Eastern treatments as well as our wide range of cosmetic treatments.



Classic massages - pure relief during your vacation at Lake Constance

The classic massage is applied according to your individual body sensation. Tension is loosened, blood circulation to the skin, tissue and muscle fibers is promoted, tendons and ligaments gain elasticity.
Below you can find a selection of our most popular classic massages.

  • Foot Reflexology Massage with Foot Bath

    The reflex zones are massaged with thumb pressure and stimulated to have a positive effect on the metabolism and the organs.
    50 min | € 79.00
  • Whole Body Massage
    Stimulates blood circulation, activates metabolism and mobilizes muscles and connective tissue. This massage is realxing and soothes joints and nerves for general well-being.
    50 min | € 75.00
  • Back and Neck Massage

    Tensions in neck and back will be eased. Used for tensions, tiredness and stress.
    25 min | € 43.00
  • Back and Neck Massage with Foot Reflexology
    Combined massage for optimal well-being.
    50 min | € 79.00
  • Scalp and Neck Massage
    Touching the scalp and neck area, little tensions are soothed. The techniques have a relaxing effect on body and soul.
    25 min | € 43.00
  • Aromatic Oil Massage
    Essential oils get under your skin. They revitalize or soothe, relax and lead to a general well-being. Choose your individual aromatic essence.
    50 min | € 79.00
  • Lymphatic Drainage
    Relaxing, rhythmic massage grips improve the flow of lymph, detoxify tissues and supply the cells with nutrients. For detoxification, drainage and decongestion.
    50 min | € 85.00

Oriental Massages

Go on an expedition and explore the most exciting regions of the earth. In the suite4spa on the Reichenau traditional massage rituals from far away wait to be discovered by you. Allow yourself to be seduced by the aromatic smell of precious exotic oils and feel how body, soul, mind are brought in line as a result of the treatment.
That means the expedition you set out on at the start will turn into a journey to your inner self...

Hot Stone, Lomi Lomi & more...

Experience foreign pampering treatments for body and soul...

  • Hot Stone Massage
    In this Indian art of healing, polished lava stones, which are heated to about 50°C, are used to relax the energy centers of the body and create an intensive feel-good effect.
    75 min | € 129.00
  • Lomi Lomi Nui Massage
    This “queen” of massages comes from Hawaiian traditional healing arts and combines body, mind and soul. The combination of tropical oil and flowing movements dissolving deep layers of the body from stress, anxiety and muscle tension.
    75 min | € 129.00
  • Ganzkörperpeeling
    Rejuvenate your skin with a refreshing, full body peeling. The sugar or sea salt body scrub is gently applied and soothingly massaged into your skin.
    30 min | € 49.00


The Ayurvedic medicine belongs to the oldest health systems and has its origins in India. The science of Ayurveda combines harmony with your inner strengths - the basis for a fulfilling and healthy life.
Relaxing oil treatments strengthen your holistic well-being, your vitality and power.

  • Abhyanga
    Made with warm oil, the full-body massage is one of the most soothing and effective treatments of Ayurvedic health. It combines in a harmonious way several techniques that serve the deep relaxation and vitalization of the body.
    75 min | € 135.00
  • Padabhyanga
    Your feet will be soothed, calmed, balanced and harmonized with warm herbal oils. Padabhyanga massages are relaxing and calming. It releases stress and tension and contributing to a healthy and refreshing sleep.
    50 min | € 92.00
  • Shirodhara
    Shirodhara is a form of Ayurveda therapy that involves gently and rhythmically pouring liquids over the forehead, which is immensely calming for the nervous system. It is combined with a neck and head massage and can provide relief for headaches, muscle tension, insomnia, stress, and depressive moods. After the treatment, you should plan to have a short period of time.
    50 min | € 110.00


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